"Adversity, Risks & Opportunities"

From left to right: Mr. Simon Cheung (Permanent Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong (SME) Economic And Trade Promotional Association), Mr. Albert Law, Ms. Pattie Chan and Dr. Ben Cheung (Executive Vice Chairman of Hong Kong (SME) Economic and Trade Promotional Association)

Mr Albert Law, Managing Director of Universe Business Consulting and Senior Consultant Ms. Pattie Chan gave a speech entitled “Adversity, Risks & Opportunities” for members of the Hong Kong (SME) Economic and Trade Promotional Association at their 2020 Annual General Meeting

The Hong Kong economy is facing double negative impact of the new coronavirus and social disputes. Mr Law believed that in addition to a series of anti-pandemic relief funds provided by the Hong Kong government to small and medium-sized enterprises to relief immediate financial pressure, all enterprises should also conduct in-depth reviews and inspections of their businesses. It is important for enterprises to formulate appropriate business continuity and improvement plans facing the likely L-shaped economic recovery in the next two years. Those businesses can survive the tides now will stand a better chance to sustain and to be successful in the future. Mr Law added on to say that the next six months will be a critical period for enterprises to review and adjust business models for survival. An analogy would be similar to patients with strokes, for those who were rescued, survived and recovered were those who have mastered the golden time for treatment.

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