Business Turnaround

Mr. Au started up his licensing business 30 years ago and soon spin-off from one brand to a portfolio of 15 brands covering F&B and consumer retail in the region. In the 90s and the turn of the century, some of these brands did extremely well. Instead of IPO, Mr. Au started to divert his investment into areas including wine cellar, eeducation, games apps and even wedding planner. Some did well for a period but not sustainable.

Over the years, he leveraged his licensing business to fund the new investments. Unfortunately, each subsidiary is not sizeable enough to attract experienced professionals to turnaround the business. When economy slowed down and hit his core business, Mr. Au needed help.

UBC may review total business health index and target to put a stop to the domino effect. We may offer recommendations to redeploy resources from unprofitable subsidiaries with the options to repackage the assets of the non-performing subsidiaries for sale and/or merge with another company to optimize the value of such assets. We may conduct financial and marketing re-engineering for the core licensing business to pre-empt risk of insolvency or help to put forth proposal to financial institutions for potential re-financing. Short of experienced professionals in Au’s companies to lead the business turnaround process, we may second selected task force of independent consultants with a wealth of experience in respective fields as interim manager.

With UBC-Way, Mr. Au may now refocus on his profitable business.

Disclaimer : The case illustrated above is for the purpose of elaborating potential UBC services. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental

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