Succession & Sustainable Development

Mr. and Mrs. Wong founded their engineering company 35 years ago in Hong Kong and they enjoyed 20 golden years after 1997 riding on the booming local property market. At its peak, it has over 100 staff and a network of long-standing subcontractors. Between the couple, they have taken up the roles of CEO, COO, CMO, CIO and CFO. They have always assumed one of their 2 children will take over their business at the right time.

As competition became keen and business environment got tough, their children have decided to find their career path outside of family business. In their late 60s, the couple needed help.

UBC may help to identify possible investment/ divestment and participation
alternatives based on the core competence of the company, revamp its organizational structure and reposition business model of product/service. We may also help to seek funders to finance and step up the business by taking up majority shareholding. We may rationalize the company structure and fill the critical talent gaps such that the day-to-day operation can be effectively run by professional managers with relevant expertise. The couple may then keep a meaningful minority stake in the company and continue to contribute to the business with their knowhow and connections in the industry. They can also benefit from the prospect of the restructured investment in the scalable business.

With UBC-Way, Mr. and Mrs. Wong may finally plan for their retirement.

Disclaimer : The case illustrated above is for the purpose of elaborating potential UBC services. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental

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