Startup Business Acceleration

In Hong Kong, 90% of the work force is engaged in service industry one way or
another. Steven Shih and his sister Natalie, both fresh graduates from University, shared a strong belief that not everyone was born for the service industry. Hong Kong should revive its light industry sector to offer equal opportunity to people with different talent. They started up a new venture at their home to make tote bags from recycled advertising banners collected from friends with financial support from their parents. The scale was too small to fail with businesses coming from friends and referrals on social media. They then attempted to extend their product range, lease a workshop, hire workers and market to general public. Being short of commercial and operation experience, things started to get out of hand. The Shihs needed help.

UBC may conduct proof of concept and scalability study through stringent business case assessment and competitive market analysis, evaluate potential procurement and distribution network, branding and cross-over prospects, etc. We may also help to design a robust company structure and enterprising coaching program, device alternative business model and identify professional managers with the right caliber to fill key positions. As a startup business, the Shihs can also leverage our flexible engagement program of professional managers to mitigate increase in cost of operation. We may arrange pitching sessions with potential angel investors/funders and assist in pre-session preparation.

With UBC-Way, Steven and Natalie may now be ready to take on bigger challenges.

Disclaimer : The case illustrated above is for the purpose of elaborating potential UBC services. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental

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